safe furniture surfing

i’ve heard the term mentioned by a physical therapist and by my neuro – furniture surfing – meaning getting around the house from one table, a chest, the back of the sofa, corners of walls, etc. it is pretty safe, tho it is hard on the wrists and elbows. but it occurred to me to design a system of hardward and ropes, similar to that used by rock climbers, to employ around the house. you’d have to set up spots to jam a cleat into, so you could run lines thru and clip on carabiners – and it would probably be best done in a sitation where one either lives alone or with a very understanding housemate, who would not mind the walls being covered with a spider-web of ropes and clamps and such. but it would be cool, tho.

anyway. my last day of work will be december 31, my last day of working for The Man anyway. i hope to be at least partly self-employed soon after that. tho does that make me The Man?

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Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

One thought on “safe furniture surfing”

  1. You the man!

    Re the climbing gear: why not bolt fake climbing holds like you find in rock gyms to the walls? It would almost look like some very strange modern art decoration around the house.

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