driving with my hands

i am having the devil of a time finding hand controls for my car that feel safe to me, that will allow my wife to feel ok about me driving again after my accident, that will allow another driver to use the vehicle, and that do not cost an arm and a leg (yuk yuk) to purchase and install. the left-foot gas pedal cost a small fortune, and now is of no use to me. i’ve just received my second set of hand controls, and neither of them felt safe to me. i first got the “pedal master,” but i didn’t like the fact that the two control rods had to sit in my lap, and that i’d have to drop one and pick up the other to go or stop. didn’t seem conducive to quick responses.

now i have the wheelablity control, which, while both control rods are connected, the driver has to move his hand from one end of the handle to the other to go or stop – again, doesn’t seem to me conducive to quick decisions.

now i’m looking into the Classic 3500F, which i think has to be professionally installed (which always adds to the cost) but i like the one-handle, push/pull design. i am waiting to hear from a local vendor what it will cost me.

and once again, it seems bass-ackwards and just plain wrong that as my needs increase and my income goes down, the cost to maintain some semblance of a normal life keeps going up. (and my insurance won’t cover this sort of adaptive equipment – of course.) anyway, any tips that can be passed along will be appreciated, and i will chime in again once this gets all sorted.

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One thought on “driving with my hands

  1. Of the hand controls I’ve used, I’ve liked the Monarch Mark 1-A the best. They don’t interfere with a non-disabled driver. Since the accelerate motion is down (towards your knee), gravity helps for longer driving stints. If mounted on the left, your right hand is free to adjust the mirror and the radio. If necessary you can rest your palm on the grip and steer briefly with your fingers.

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