baby steps

using a walker doesn’t mean you grab on the handle and just start walking. oh, no. i already found that out when i went too fast (four steps at a time) and tipped over. (what kind of lame-o falls over using a walker?) just like bob figured out, it’s baby steps. move the walker 6 inches and shuffle along. it does have little pockets which have come in very handy. i load them up with supplies for my trek across the living room.

another thing i hate about this ms nonsense (how long is the list now?) is that, invariably, the thing i want is either upstairs, when i am downstairs, or downstairs when i am upstairs. every day, after my getting dressed ordeal, before going down stairs (the first glimpse down the staircase gives me a  bit of vertigo) i try to make sure that i have everything i’m going to want or need for the morning. i do the reverse in the evening. but it almost never fails that i see some nice play of light on the snow, or a nice shadow or something and realize my camera is upstairs. i could use a butler. or a sherpa.

but that same principle i think will make a good weight loss technique. i sometimes lie in bed late in the evening and think maybe i’ll go down stairs for a little nosh. but the thought of heaving myself out of bed, shuffling downstairs (more vertigo!), getting my snack and then climbing the stairs (haven’t had to use the ice axe, but i could use one.) and getting myself back into bed. the whole thing just doesn’t seem worth it most times. so maybe i’ll get skinny (ha!) and publish my “ms diet” book.

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Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

One thought on “baby steps”

  1. Hahaha…Funny! Nice to see your humor, traversing this stuff is definitely easier when you nourish an eye for the funny bits…which to me means not taking oneself too seriously, so lightening the load in the process. far as the food goes, you could always get a mini fridge for your bedroom OR a big dog with a carry pack. You could pre-load it with munchies before you make the stair trek…just sayin’!

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