my favorite slippers

computers are wonderful things, when they work flawlessly. but we have come to depend on them so much, that when something screws up, it can be a big deal. i don’t know how or why, but all my saved bookmarks on firefox have vanished. most, if not all, of them are stored on delicious, so i can maybe et them back. but when i’m on a site and want to save it now, firefox won’t. i feel so helpless!

on another note, i have these slippers that i’ve had for many years. pretty comfy. the best thing about them now is that the soles are not “non-skid” latex – so when i shuffle my feet on the carpet or the floor, they slip, with just enough grip that they aren’t like roller skates. they were from land’s end, but i don’t think they make them any more. and as you can see, i’ve got a major blow-out problem that i have to figure out how to stitch up. sail-makers thread? rawhide lacing? gotta figure out something, i love these slippers. like i don’t have bigger things to worry about, right?

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