new therapies?

i got a google update about this “new” treatment that helps some ms patients walk better,which would be great, amazing, etc. called “Ampyra,” it is really only a version of  4-aminopyridine, or 4-AP, or fampridine. which i have been taking for…several months (leaky brain can’t remember how long it’s been). i have to have it made up by a compounding pharmacy, but it is relatively cheap. this ampyra, made by Acorda Therapeutics, is just a commercial formulation of the same treatment that ms patients taking for years. the only thing new about it is that it will probably cost (significantly) more, and acorda will make a pile of dough from it. it is an extended release formulation, taken every 12 hours, while fampridine only lasts 4 hours. so for that reason is might be a good thing. but i bet it will be a lot more expensive, now that it has a trademark.

there are also advances being made on a new oral form of a currently injected treatment, cladribine.  this is what i read: “Cladribine and fingolimod, which come as tablets, cut relapse rates by 50-60% over two years compared with placebos. Fingolimod was also tested against the widely used injection, beta interferon 1a. The trial showed the new drug was twice as effective in reducing the number of relapses over a year.”

so i guess it’s all good news. it will probably make fampridine more widely available, and the cladribine might banish the needles. i’m not holding my breath.

and yes, magnesium is remarkable. it makes me feel a bit like i’ve taken a mild sedative – a little groggy, but not stumbly. and no hangover. i think it also is doing a good job with my bothersome leg cramps, for which i’ve been taking clonazepam, which makes me feel sleepy, and stumbly, and does leave me in the morning with a sort of hangover (takes longer to get my legs to get going.) i FAR prefer magnesium. it’s cheaper, and it’s not some drug/chemical i’m putting in my body. the only side effect is that if too much is taken, it can lead to diarrhea. i take 500mg about 10 pm, a little before going to bed, and i’m all set. i still keep the clonazepam handy, for bad nights.

there’s probably other things i wanted to say, but they’ve leaked out.

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Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

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