yesterday was a day-long festival of disaster movies on one of the satellite channels i get. i rarely miss the chance to watch disaster movies – the opportunity to see a bunch of people who’s lives are more perilous than mine is hard to resist. unfortunately, the list of movies the chose were all pretty low-grade and cheesy. i dvr-ed two, and only watched one so far, meteor, which was (only) remarkable for its cast. imagine a low-budget, cheesy disaster movie (and this is some darned good trivia to store away in your cranium) with: sean connery, henry fonda, martin landau, karl malden, natalie wood and brian keith ( both speaking russian, no less!), and host of others i think i recognized as extras on tv shows like voyage to the bottom of the sea and rat patrol. (i think a pretty safe bar bet would be to ask what movie featured sean connery and henry fonda.) it was one of those movies with a very dramatic though generic soundtrack, lots of tense moments that you knew how they would turn out, and a conclusion i think everyone foresaw. (yes, the russians and the u.s. finally both admitted they had satellites stocked with nuclear missiles aimed at each other, and finally agreed to join forces and aim them instead at the epic-sized meteor hurtling towards earth. and yes, the plan worked.) that’s about it. sorry if i gave it away to anyone who has been waiting to see it. it was sort of fun for a saturday afternoon, but if it comes up again, i think i’ll pass. i still have “nyc:tornado terror,” and “meteor storm,” (how will it compare to “meteor,” i wonder.) to watch.

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Author: Stephen

Stephen Harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in Maine.

One thought on “meteor!”

  1. Spoiler Alert –

    One of my favorite sports is catching “that’s not NYC” whenever it appears on TV or in movies, and Tornado Terror had very little obvious Toronto. But then, who really gets into the sewers below Lady Liberty? Not that I would ever turn down the chance. Looked cane-friendly enough.

    Toward the end, they took the bold step of killing one of the Good Guys, but I only noticed because of the irregularity (no heartstrings pulled). Oops, but I warned you.

    And are we set up for the sequel? Who cares, there will be plenty other disasters coming along, and plenty will be less awful than this.

    I am SO liking your the non-MS-obsession!

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