my life

i’ve had the idea from time to time to create some sort of document, a journal of sorts, charting every major event in my life, all the way back to 1958 when i was born. i thought it would be simple to set it up in excel – a bunch of individual pages, one for each year, divided into months, into which i could just enter the event and save it. that way, when it comes time for someone to write my biography (which i’m sure someone will want to), all that pertinent information will be easily available.  and i thought that now that i have so much free time (all my time is free time), this would be a perfect time to start the project.

but either excel is harder than i thought, or it’s me who is simple. i’ve spent about a half hour this morning just trying to set up the template, but so far i have not been able to figure it out. i had hoped that amid all the templates that microsoft provides, one of them would have been a calendar, either in regular calendar or spreadsheet format. but no.

i guess i’ll keep at it, since i have all this empty time to fill. that’s one thing i miss about working in an office – the chance that someone would understand excel and would be able to set me up. who knows how long it will take on my own?

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