my new slippers!

i got home last night from a really boring day at the hospital being infused with cytoxan. i guess it is very dehydrating, so half the time they were dripping fluid in (and what goes in must come out. having to pee like sea biscuit and needing two people to get me to he bathroom with a walker and the iv pole every half hour was the only fun i had all day.) but they had tv and wireless and i had my ipod, so it was just lying in bed from 8 am until 7:30 pm – boring! they tell me side effects like nausea, might show up anywhere up to 2 weeks. so far so good.

land's end slippers
my new land's end slippers

and i came home, and there were my new land’s end slippers. i know i am starting to sound like a shill for them, but i am so impressed with them doing such a nice thing, i told them i’d talk them up all i could. so land’s end good. cytoxan infusion boring. washington dc buried under snow.

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Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

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