my very intelligent wife suggested that eating grapefruit (which i have just rediscovered and love) or drinking grapfruit juice while on cytoxan minght be a problem. my daughter, who takes anti-rejection drugs (which lower her resistance to infection, like cytoxan does) has been told to avoid grapefruit. i couldn’t tell you off the top of my head why.  my d.w. suggested while i was at it, i should look up any other drug interactions, like with my blood pressure meds, or clonazepam, etc.

let me tell you, there is so much information out there about possible drug interactions. it’s got me searching my recent state of mind and body for any of these sides. i go to sites like, into which you list all the medications and suppliments you are taking, and it spits out lists of possible interactions. and there are a lot of them. so much so that i can’t even get through them all. grapefruit is not mentioned very much, but there are other combinations – like clonazepam and atacand – which can cause hyotension (low blood pressure) which is what atacand is used for. i’m also told that caffeine and clonazepam are not a good combination (which i already sort of knew).(boo hoo)

in the end, i run up against the same problem i often do when looking for these kinds things online – too much information. i think the best thing to do,which we should all do, is to get on the phone with my various doctors and run this question by them: putting all my meds in a hat, which ones have interactions, and which of those interactions should i avoid or be careful about.

and can i still eat grapefruit?

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