p.t. hurts

well, maybe it’s not the pt; maybe, as my wife suggests it is a delayed reaction to the chemo i did last week. but all the strength has done gone right outa me. we’ve been working with the bioness device at the pt hospital, even though we all know i can’t afford it. we’re hoping that by using it, i can retrain my foot to pick up when my brain tells it to. maybe it was watching all that curling yesterday, or the heartbreak of seeing lindsey jacobellis fall, maybe it’s just ms – whatever, i feel like a wrung out dishrag.

so i’m gonna go sit in my comfy chair and read lisey’s story. i’ll load up the saddlebags on thunderfoot, (home phone, cell phone, tv remnote, glass of water) and hopefully not have to move for a while.

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Author: Stephen

Stephen Harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in Maine.

2 thoughts on “p.t. hurts”

  1. Dood…is that really your chair? That’s something!

    As one who’s gone the chemo route, altho a different one (Novantrone), I’d say that is probably what’s taken the stuffing out of you. You’re doing the right thing by kickin’ it today and however long it takes. Be well!

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