in praise of not having to get out of my chair

now, i’m 100% for supporting local merchants and producers. you won’t find a more ardent proponent of the “buy local” movement. if i could, i would never go any further than i had to to spend my money. but (and you knew there was going to be a “but”) i am also a big fan of the availability of online shopping. there are those – i am one of them – who find that going out to run errands, go to the book store, pick up a cd, get to the post office to send a gift to someone, things like that can be at best problematic.

as much as i would rather purchase a book or cd from a local merchant, being able to go to an online retailer who can sell me the item at the same cost (or less, if they offer used items), with a little added for shipping (which i think of as comparable to the cost of gas and wear on my car), and have them ship it to the birthday girl or boy, or other recipient, is a blessing.

i am very excited to have been invited to take part in a web cast put on by acorda therapeutics, maker of ampyra, a medication that will be a replacement for the 4-ap (fampridine) that i now get from a compounding pharmacy. while i like the idea of supporting a small, local pharmacy, the stuff i get from them has some big limitation, which i hope ampyra will address. 4-ap only lives in the body for 4 hours, and so has to be taken every 4 hours. it also can cause seizures if the dosage is exceeded. i’ve never had a grand mal seizure, but i bet it’s not a great deal of fun.

so this webcast, march 17 at 8 eastern time, will feature the ceo of acorda, and acorda’s chief scientific officer and the vp of medical affairs. i am mostly interested in the cost (the 4-ap is relatively inexpensive) and the availability – will insurance cover this drug, will my neuro like it, will it be more effective than the compounded 4-ap, etc. i am expecting to take part, and i’ll report back here what i find out. (i’ll take notes!)

this is the second time “one life” has been noticed by a business (first was land’s end). i know they use search bots to look all over the web for certain key words, but somehow i like the idea that what i write here gets noticed by people i am not directly writing to.

i’ve also started tweeting. just fun stuff for now, tho i might set up another account to tweet about ms. it’s great to get tweets from steven colbert, “mrs.” steven fry, my neice, my son, my wife – i’m trying to find sarah palin’s tweet address (or name, or whatever) i hear her tweets are rather entertaining, tho not, i don’t think, intentionally. anyway, it’s a big world out there, and getting bigger, and more people are watching than you know. so, as they used to say on hill street blues, be careful out there.

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