chairs on everest

i watched an amazing film about an intrepid group of “disabled” people who made a stab at mt. everest. some were “just” missing an arm or a leg, but quite a few were in wheelchairs. with the assistance of some amazing sherpas, all but i think 2 of them made it to base camp one (17,590 ft?) – pushed, pulled, carried and rolling. i saw it on the documentary channel, called “team everest.” made my trek across the 18th century cobbles and bricks of portland, along with my own personal sherpa (my wife), the other day, seem like child’s play. i loved the chairs they used – with big knobby motorcycle-type wheels. i want a chair like that – maybe i could get back out into the woods, or at least across the 18th century bricks in portland on my own. so far the best i’ve found is the trekenetic, a bit overkill perhaps, but oh so cool. and it looks like it would go- and go thru – anything. want!

i also find myself watching ads on tv for some of the spiffy new little cars that are appearing on the landscape these days, thinking that i’d love to drive one. oh, and then i remember i don’t drive. i was going to outfit my car with had controls, but i’m finding the fatigue that has plagued the rest of me is now creeping into my arms and hands, so unless someone invents driving controls that operate by thought, i’m off the road. sigh.


Author: Stephen

Stephen Harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in Maine.

One thought on “chairs on everest”

  1. I am still able-bodied, yet although obsessed with climbing Everest ever since I read “Into Thin Air,” which I am now re-reading, I know I could never even make it to Base Camp!

    As for not being able to drive, I understand you miss the mobility, but driving brings out the worst of human behaviors that you no longer have to witness! (Just trying to help you look on the brighter side….)

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