stop that!

i “discovered” another thing i shouldn’t do. i can’t smoke (i know, i shouldn’t anyway, but with my fkt up brain, two drags immobilizes me, so i don’t), beer has too many calories (still struggling with an extra 30 lbs.) too much physical activity makes me want to lie down and sleep, etc., etc. you all know the list. well, yesterday i sat out on the deck (shirtless! whoo-hoo!) in the sun. it felt wonderful, just baking out there, thinking positive thoughts about vit. d and uv radiation. but after about a half hour, i was getting hot so i came back inside, and found i felt like a wrung out dishrag the rest of the day. maybe it was just a wrung-out dishrag day anyway, but i think getting heated in the sun helped wring me out. damn – it felt so good, but i really should be careful with that in the future. do i have to spend the summer in the basement? i’m hunting up a therapy pool, recommended by my sister who is prepping herself for back surgery. sounds like a wonderful invention; i think i found one in portland, i have to call them on monday to see if i can get in.

even thought my neuro says she is not one of the few in maine who will prescribe it, i was pleased to learn that a marijuana dispensary has just opened in maine. i wonder now if insurance will pay for it (wouldn’t that be cool?) and will it be more expensive than street pot? i wonder about the comparative potency. i tried some from a friend about a month ago, and did not like it – just wanted to lie down with a wet towel over my face. but i’m wiling to give it a try if it will help with spasticity.

(just heard on pandora radio – “everybody loves you so much girl i just don’t know how you stand the strain.” – elvis costello)


Author: Stephen

Stephen Harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in Maine.

3 thoughts on “stop that!”

  1. I like to do Tai Chi outdoors with the rest of my class. However, I don’t take my shirt off. Maybe that’s the ticket!
    On the smokin’ thing. A puff now and then shouldn’t do you any harm. Good luck with your insurance company though.

    1. the smoking thing is purely personal. i take a drag now, and i can feel it tingle from the tips of my fingers, the top of my head, to the ends of my toes. it renders me immobile – i practically can’t move for a half hour. i do wonder, tho, if it is cigarettes, with their 600 additives, or tobacco itself. i will have to try one of the hand-rolled kind – cigarettes, i mean- -see if the response is the same. and hey, topless tai chi is a whole different experience.

  2. Good luck Stephen. My problem is that I get extremely hyper or paranoid on pot, but then again, I have a mood disorder. My drug of choice is my mood stabilizer. I’d be willing to bet that there is something is cigarettes besides the nicotine that causes your paralysis. Medicinal pot may be helpful to your spasticity and provide the sensation of oral plaeasure that taking a drag on a cigarette provides. Just remember that street pot contributes to crime and all of its abuses. I hope you can work with your “local” dispensory which is a legitimate business. I hope, also, that pot is legalized and the irrational stigma, errased.

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