looking for less of me

today is officially day one, for me, of the south beach diet. my wife has been after me to join her on it for some time, and i’ve decided to take the plunge. first of all, it looks, at least on paper, far too easy to produce the kind of results it promises, but which i will be very happy to achieve. the list of “forbidden foods,” with the exception of sweets and bread(my huge weaknesses) doesn’t look very restrictive to me. and the diet encourages the dieter to eat until he is full at each meal – there’s no calorie or portion counting, as long as one stays within the guidelines. and snacking, whether you want it or not, is encouraged. so you get to eat all through the day, there is very little denying (during the first two weeks, there’s no bread, pasta, rice, or potatoes.) without going into the whole thing, as i say, it looks too easy to be as potent as the book touts.

aside from making the effort to appease my wife (who well deserves appeasement), i have also finally decided that carrying these extra 30 pounds that i’ve been carrying for a long time probably has more to do with my mobility issues than i wanted to admit before. i have no doubt that wheelchairing, while it relies as well on a certain level of upper-body strength i do not currently possess, will be easier when i am not hauling those 30 pounds around along with the rest of me. walking with the crutches or the walker – walking in general – can only get easier as well.

so along with appeasing my wife and not looking like i’m pregnant when i wear a bathing suit, i am looking to this expected weight loss to significantly change my mobility and the level of fatigue i deal with.

in a conversation with my neurologist the other day, we discussed a baclophen pump and botox injections in my leg. the pump i don’t think will work, since it gets programmed to administer the baclophen at the same time every day, and though i don’t go out to parties ore clubs very often, i don’t know if it would be the best to have my legs pumped full of muscle relaxer in the middle of a party. plus, it really is only indicated if the spasticity is the same in both legs, which is not the case for me. usually, it is the right leg, though this week it has been the left leg, and the spasticity cramps have been showing up both earlier in the afternoon than usual (used to be the early evening before they hit) and now i even feel mild twinges all through the day. the botox would involve injections into the leg every few weeks – but the question becomes then which leg? if the spasticity is an issue in both legs, though thankfully only one at a time, which one do we inject? or both? i’m not certain what the effect of the injections is, so maybe it won’t be an issue.

my daughter is home from school, and will, i’m certain, be pressed into service as my driver. that will both relieve my wife from sole driver-duties, but will enourage father-daughter outings, which i look forward to. i think she does to, at least for now.


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

2 thoughts on “looking for less of me”

  1. south beach works! and yesterday was certainly a good “kick-off” to your diet, since I recall seeing you indulging in several items that were definitely NOT on the diet.

    that key lime pie was to die for! we had fun, thanks for inviting us…and good luck with the diet. if that fails, just read my own TwilightZone Diet which is on my blog and on my Facebook page!

  2. best of luck cous, and enjoy the father/daughter rides. nothing like a nice change to shake things up for a while. hope the legs feels better.

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