i need to apologize to my wife for the use of the word “appease” in my last post. appease, as i find when i look it up this morning, is not what i meant to say. one online dictionary defines it as, “to to calm, pacify, or soothe, esp. by acceding to the demands of.” i used the wrong word. first of all, my wife never demanded i join her on the diet; she asked if i wanted to join her and left it at that. she offered her companionship as a fellow south-beacher, a diet buddy as it were. and i didn’t finally start the diet to “to calm, pacify, or soothe” her – there was no need for any of that. she had suggested, when i would bemoan my being overweight, that i join her on the diet, and said it had worked very well for her. finally, the time was right for me, and i accepted her offer.

today is day two – day one was a breeze. although when i was out at the mall with my daughter, i was keenly aware of every fast-food restaurant we passed, and how long it had been since i had enjoyed their fare. i will admit to a certain fondness for wendy’s burgers (especially) so i was very conscious of passing them by. but there was only the tiniest of inner struggles, and it was gone. i’m in this for the long haul, and i want to do it by the book.


Author: Stephen

Stephen Harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in Maine.

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