water of life

who knew.  i’ve had these annoying, often painful, leg cramps for as long as i can remember. i thought they were normal and that everyone had them. i talked to my doctor about them for years, but either he wasn’t listening or i wasn’t describing them well enough to make an impression. so i, naturally, went online looking for solutions. the two i came up with were calcium/magnesium, and water (dehydration). neither seemed to do me any good, so i just re-assumed they were normal, and put up with them.

lo and behold, i got a call from the admin in my neuro’s office who said, “hi, this is betty. you’re dehydrated.” my reply was that i thought we had a remarkable phone connection if she could tell that i was dehydrated. but no, it was in my most recent lab work. so since last thursday, i’ve been drinking what seems like a gallon or two of water every day, and the leg cramps have lessened in intensity all of a sudden. used to be they’d come on about 4-5 pm, and if i got up in the night, when i got back into bed, there they were again. but the last few nights, they have been dramatically better. (the cal/mag works too, but, magnesium being a laxative, the amounts i have to take to make a difference produce undesirable results.) anyway, who knew. after all these meds, it was just water i needed.

on a totally different topic, but one that is also near and dear to my heart, i was excited to see an ad in tv for an apparently new little camera – the olympus pen. there was an oly pen film camera, now a classic, but it looked like they had reproduced it in digital form. what i liked about it was that it was so small. my hope was that they had reproduced the camera in it’s old simplicity, simply replacing film with digital innards. but no. on further investigation, i found that the new pen is loaded with all sorts of bells and whistles, stuff that i really have no interest in. why can’t “they” offer me a digital camera that just takes pictures? who needs “auto white-balance bracketing” or all that face recognition nonsense, or focus assist? i just want a simple, basic digital camera. but i guess it’s a matter of market demand, and, since they can cram all that electronic crap into the little tiny camera, why not. i’d just get myself a nice, simple film camera, but, while film has advantages digital will never have (like how records have qualities cds will never match), i have done enough darkroom work for a lifetime, and have no desire to spend either the time or the money on it any more. oh, well. i’ll work with my beloved ikoflex and the mail-order processing place i found.


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

One thought on “water of life”

  1. Yes, drink copious amounts of water. You can get high on it too. Don’t drink that much though because it does become bad for your health when you get too much. It also aids in keeping the food intake down to a level that better matches your actual need.

    On the camera. I have a digital but it has a viewfinder that is separate from the plasma screen view. Absolutely necessary when shooting in bright sunlight. I don’t know if I could see one in something the size of a pen. Cargo pants have pockets big enough for simple old fashioned digital cameras.

    Glad you cramps are abating.

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