overcoming ms

i usually ignore anything that says “this (or that) will cure your ms!” they all seem to be trying to sell some concoction or other, fleecing people in need of hope. evil. but i did follow this one, “overcoming multiple sclerosis,” for some reason.  it is a pretty interesting site, complete with a forum to join and some well laid out internal links for plenty of information. it seems mostly to be an expansion of dr. swank’s dietary work, with some exercise tips (they always suggest 30 minutes of vigorous exercise 5 times a day. for me, and maybe for you, getting downstairs and making breakfast is about as vigorous as it gets.)

and the site is selling a book, by a Professor Jelinek, who claims that he has been symptom free for 11 years. i’ve read the same claims from some people on swank-diet forums, and i’m sure that if we could follow the plan laid out by dr. swank – follow it very closely – VERY limited saturated fat, no meat, no dairy, regular exercise, etc. –  after several years, most of us would see improvements. but i am very wary of claims that this or that program WILL work. ms is different in every individual who has it, and just as the south beach diet (which i followed to the letter for more than three weeks) did nothing for me, i don’t believe that any one program will be effective for everyone who follows it. i also have grave personal doubts that ms can be cured. substantial improvement is of course very possible, but especially for those at later stages, i believe a certain amount of damage has already been done.

but overall, i liked the site and will go back and read more, look for things to add to my regimen, and things that might improve my level of disability. i also continue to watch the development of fingolimod and cladribine,  and the research into CCSVI. it seems there are new treatments popping up all over the place. i think the best thing we can do in the meantime, is simply live as healthy lives as possible – eat well, get plenty of rest and exercise. and keep an eye on all these new treatments. one of them just might work.


Author: Stephen

Stephen Harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in Maine.

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