hot, humid and sticky here in maine. i’ve had to get up early, go downstairs and deal with feeding animals, cleaning up various messes, getting some breakfast and iced coffee into myself, and then coming back upstairs to shut myself in my bedroom – the only room with air conditioning – to cool down and pretty much spend the day. the upside is i am eating a lot less, since eating means going downstairs, which is an expedition. as brendan said in the movie “brick,” “lunch is difficult.”

i have been trying a new medication, a small amount donated by a friend, along with the requisite equipment for its usage, (if you get my meaning) to deal with nightly leg cramps and insomnia. after a few nights, it seems to be working. in fact, last night i didn’t take my usual baclofen, and i slept great. baclofen is weird stuff. my neuro prescribed two tabs at night, but said if that didn’t work, i could take another. i did that one night, and had some very strange hallucination/dreams (which is a known possible side effect of overdose). i seemed to know that i was hallucinating, and neither episode was frightening (one was very nice, but the other was just weird). so i don’t want to do that again. i had tried baclofen before and it didn’t work. clonazepam has been working very well, but recently it has not been as effective (as seems to happen with so many meds after a while). so i’ll keep with the new “medication,” and hope it keeps working.

and hope the heat breaks soon.


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

2 thoughts on “melting”

  1. I thought that you lived near the ocean and had all your windows open to the onshore breezes. Wow, guess I was wrong. I never had A/C until I moved to California. I couldn’t live without it even here in Ohio.
    Sorry Stephen:-(

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