a few thoughts

1. the “picstik,” or other long-reach grabber, is a great accessory for the wheel-chair driver. just got mine and it has already changed my life. i just have to invent a holster for it….

2. apparently, the debate about physical (vascular) treatments for ms vs. chemical treatments has been going on for decades. it is not some new-fangled crazy idea that just got itself discovered. (check in with CCSVI In Multpile Sclerosis on Facebook.) i begin to realize that there has been a long-term debate about what ms is, what causes it, and how to treat it. i know it is largely my fault for not doing more research earlier, but i feel a little bit like the neuro-community did not let on that there may be other treatments aside from injecting expensive, sometimes painful, and always risky chemicals into myself. i understand the financial issue – there is a lot of money to be lost by big pharma if a surgical solution is proven (and some say it has never been completely disproven.), but this is my life, and i feel i should have been told that there might have been a way to keep me out of a wheelchair, and save a ton on money. imagine what it would do to the insurance industry if a simple in-patient procedure could have allowed me to keep my job, keep my feet under me, and generally improve my life. this requires more attention – if not by the medical community and/or the press, then it is up to us to learn more and spread the word. THERE IS ANOTHER WAY! (read more: new haven register)

3. why do the drugs i discover to treat symptoms – leg cramps specifically for me – work great for a month, but then stop working or require higher doses? why did no one tell me that simply taking magnesium and omega-3 – both natural anti-inflamitories – would work at least as well as the potentially dangerous drugs? there are FAR cheaper and safer alternatives to drugs (like the Swank Diet, etc.) that both big pharma and the medical community seem to dismiss, or not suggest that i explore?

i guess it comes back to being my own advocate, which i take full responsibility for not having been better at. but we go to doctors expecting them to be experts with our best interests at heart, when maybe they are at least partially swayed by maintaining their own job security, and keeping us dependent on them. and drug salespeople.

sorry for the rant – i’m feeling a bit abused and snookered at the moment.

also – even if you are the most die hard (pardon the pun) action movie fan, do not waste your money on “the expendables.”  simply put, it is an aptly named and utterly pointless waste of film. i’m sure the special effects people did quite well, and whoever sold stallone all that mascara is probably set for life. just an awful movie. again, i was snookered. don’t make the same mistake i did.


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

3 thoughts on “a few thoughts”

  1. Thanks for the heads-up about that movie. I was not planning on seeing it, but I think it’s great to let people know when something out there is a real money and/or time-waster!

  2. I think the grabber is a great invention. It should keep people fron positioning and contorting themselves in dangerous places just to reach for something needed.

    As for the movies. I haven’t seen one since Avatar, but I am going to see Inception this weekend.

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