Help Hanna’s Boys!

Your help is needed in rallying the MS Community behind Hannah’s Hope, which is fighting to find a cure for GAN, a rare neurological disorder that appears in childhood. Hannah’s Hope is currently in third place for a $250K grant to fund research and NEEDS TO BE IN FIRST OR SECOND PLACE BY MIDNIGHT TODAY (August 31, 2010)

We need votes in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge. Supporters can vote a total of 3 times.
1. Text 101885 to 73774
2. Vote via the web: (If it’s your first time voting on the web you’ll have to register on the site the first time you vote. After you register once, you will not have to register again).
3. Vote via Facebook: (make sure FB isn’t open in another window)
4· go to the web· Choose “Vote for this Idea”· When you get the sign in box there is an option in the upper left hand corner to “Log in using Facebook”· Log in with your Facebook user name and password and cast your vote!

Here is a recent story about our efforts:’-rare-disease-in-pepsi-refresh-project-competition.


Can you help us?


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