the truth is out there

it seems every day i come across another story – either an anecdotal story or an article written by a medical person – describing an “alternative” treatment for multiple sclerosis. this morning i read about how the vast majority of people are vitamin d deficient, and all of the things that larger amounts of vit. d can prevent. i also read of a woman diagnosed with ms who was horrified enough by reading the list of side effects of the meds she was given, that she went out in search of alternatives.

what she found was homeopathy. i used homeopathy about 20 years ago to treat what the podiatrist told me was a heel spur – very painful, like a railroad spike had been driven into my heel. without going into details, i did not like the invasive and painful treatments recommended, so, i looked for alternatives and, though i was entirely skeptical of it, tried homeopathy. i have been completely pain free ever since.

the woman was told by her homeopath that her ms would not be cured, but that, “Your body is responding to an imbalance which causes symptoms. We will use the symptoms to determine which homeopathic remedy is best suited to antidote or address the imbalance. Once the energy of the illness is met by the energy of the remedy, it will be unnecessary for the body to react. Instead, the reactions to the disease or symptoms will be antidoted.” (full story here.)

it seems many people discover low or no-cost treatments and wonder why their medical team never mentioned them. my feeling (a little cynical) is that the medical/insurance syndicate requires us to remain dependent on them. if all of us used things like homeopathy, sitting out in the sun, using things like magnesium and omega-3 for muscle relaxants, they’d be out huge amounts of money – and probably their jobs as well. in my most cynical moments, i think that this syndicate would prefer us to remain a little sick, and that efforts to cure things like ms, diabetes, and other chronic diseases are blocked or slowed to keep us from being healthy enough to stay out of their offices (evil clutches.)

i write this as i sit in the infusion center, being pumped full of some sort of evil chemical, so i guess i am little hypocritical. but there are alternatives out there. i’m going to find some way to go back to my homeopath. the initial visit, involving what passes for a diagnostic meeting, was rather expensive (and of course, not covered by insurance) so i have to start saving up. if he can offer me what thew offered margaret, it will be worth it.


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

4 thoughts on “the truth is out there”

  1. Stephen: I am a firm believer in homeopathy and also a firm believer that doctors are businessmen who earn their livings selling medical treatments. Nine years ago I was told by a busy orthopedist that I MUST have hip replacement surgery! Instead, I went to an alternative practitioner who laughingly said all I needed was to “eat plenty of salmon and flax seeds.” Still have my own hip and I have am been pain-free since then.

    Could the same be true of all disease? I guess there is only one way to find out. The world’s greatest alternative doc is in Washington DC, let me know if you want to go see him…or maybe even give him a call. Dr. John Pan at

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