multiple sclerosis as entertainment

the news broke this morning:  Michaele Salahi – who made herself famous by sneaking into a white house state dinner with her husband, and ended up on “the real housewives of washington,” – revealed in “her” new book, which someone else wrote for her, that she has had ms for 17 years and that ms, and not anorexia, is the reason for her wafer-thin frame.

the book, titled, Cirque du Salahi: Be Careful Who You Trust, informs us that she kept her disease a secret so that she would not be “judged or pitied.” apparently, there are many who doubt her claim to have ms. she certainly has created some credibility problems for herself – be careful who you trust – and keeping in mind that the only reason anyone knows her name is because she weaseled her way into the news, i wonder if she has chosen ms because it carries less stigma than anorexia. but i can’t recall ever hearing that being extremely thin was associated with ms.

whether it is true  or not, it is a shame – though understandable – that it is being treated as entertainment news. at least it is keeping her in the media spotlight, where she apparently needs to be.


2 thoughts on “multiple sclerosis as entertainment

  1. As someone who suffers from the disease, it concerns me that anyone would ‘make it up’ and use it as a safer-option in regards to her weight.
    MS doesn’t strip one of their weight as a rule. Once she can no longer walk, she certainly won’t be thin anymore.
    Above this, it disgusts me that someone would use it as a ‘pity’ card. If she DOES have it, I feel sorry for her – trouble looms ahead for her on the downhill slide towards lack of movement and capability.
    Fingers crossed that she gts a bit serious about doing her research into the disease and behaves in a respectful manner towards the rest of the MS Community.
    She’ll soon find out that people will start to treat her differently now that the proverbial cat’s out of the bag…and that it’ll mostly be treatment of ignorance and pity which all MSers have to deal with.
    I wish her the best way through it all.

    1. if in fact she doesn’t have or (or, really, even if she does) the fact that she used it as publicity for her book, her self and her tv show is disgusting. i don’t think she made the announcement as a way to increase awareness.

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