nice save!

wow. i am so relieved at how quick our military was to respond to that crisis off san diego. all those poor carnival cruise patrons – imagine their horror at being reduced to only salads and cold sandwiches, at having to prop their doors open because the a.c. wasn’t working, at having no toilets for a day, or cell phone reception. imagine the horror of all the bands having to play acoustic music only. for gods sake, one patron even went so far as to say he’d never take another cruise again. i hope everyone around the world – especially those folks on the sun-drenched paradise of haiti – can appreciate what a huge tragedy has been closely averted, thanks to the quick response of the coast guard and the u.s. navy, who, as soon as the cruise ship sent its distress signal, dispatched an air craft carrier laden with emergency survival supplies. too bad sean penn is all tied up setting up flimsy tents and doing his best to ward of cholera in haiti, or i’m sure he’d have been there too.

but, as they say, all seriousness aside, the horror show being allowed to continue in haiti gets 1 minute on the news, the carnival cruise ship gets 3. shows where our american priorities are, i guess. my guess is those good folks in haiti would be delighted to take a “cruise to nowhere” on that disabled ship. beats a tent in a hurricane.


2 thoughts on “nice save!

  1. Oh the horror! We were on a cruise just this spring, no idea how close we came to death. I think it would have been cool to have gotten that close to a carrier in the ocean.


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