you know, i was thinking the other day that it is hard to come up with positive things to say in this blog. i mean, there is really nothing good to say about multiple sclerosis. it has not added anything to my life. my grandmother used to tell me that suffering built character – i think i have enough character, granny, thanks anyway.

but i read recently about a woman with ms, who writes poetry, and does not let the fact that she cannot speak or swallow (or walk or get out of bed, etc.) keep her from writing. so i guess i am thankful that i can still walk, as hard as it is, and talk, and function pretty normally. and i don’t have to be fed through a tube. with our national feast day coming soon, i am very thankful for that. i guess that is not so much a positive thing about ms, but i can appreciate that there are those who have it far, far worse than i, and that in so many ways i am a very fortunate man. ms hasn’t taken that way from me.

enjoy your turkey (or tofurkey) this thursday, and go patriots!


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

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