nice day out

took a little road trip yesterday with my dear wife to ikea – a sort of mecca for her and my daughter (and apparently all her friends), to pick up a comfy chair for our bedroom. good thing i came along – the chair i saw on their web site and really liked would have been a disaster. i needed alison to haul me out of it. i could see myself settling in to read for an afternoon, and winding up sitting in the dark, stuck in the chair until someone came along to get me back on my feet. but we found a better one, very comfy and perfectly suited to our needs. also found there were quite a few items we didn’t even know we needed! we had a lovely ikea lunch sitting by a sunny window – it felt very ski-lodge like. i truly appreciated the accessibility of the place – no problems of any kind getting around in the wheelchair.

the only drag was on the way home – a two hour drive – my leg cramped up and got quite painful. all i wanted was to stretch out straight and stand up. but all in all, a very nice day, mission accomplished, and some nice time spend with my wife, always a treat. we listened to “this american life,” all the way there and back, which is a fascinating radio show. and it seemed my little mind came up with several things to write about in this blog. which of course i’ve forgotten all of by now. i have to start carrying a pad and pen with me wherever i go. i guess i need a purse.

anyway, for better or worse, i do want to start writing more frequently here (how often have i told myself that?), so finding a way to keep track of ideas and thoughts will be imperative.

(listening to an ancient album from my distant past – “super session,” with steven stills, mike bloomfield,  al cooper and others. great later 60’s american electric blues noodling.)


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