change is good.

garth from “wayne’s world,” says that he fears change. eastern philosophy teaches us that the only constant is change. the more things change, the more they stay the same. i, myself, think that change is required every now and then, if only to rattle the cage.

anyway, i’m changing this blog, and not only the appearance. it was getting a little messy for me – my fault for adding too many little fiddly bits. i also want to change the content a bit. i will still  be posting my thoughts that derive from my experience of multiple sclerosis, but i also want to post more frequently – every day would be nice. since i don’t necessarily have thoughts deriving from my experience of multiple sclerosis every day (if i’m lucky), i plan to post other things – short bits of fiction, photographs, odds and ends of thoughts and ideas about life in general, about books i’ve read, things i find online, whatever happens to transfer from my fingertips to the keyboard.

i love getting comments – it is important to me to know what my readers (and i know you’re out there, i can hear you breathing) think, not just of what i write, but what, if anything, my writings inspire in you, your thoughts, etc. whatever. what’s going on in your life? as much as i sometimes think it is, it’s not REALLY all about me.

so welcome to my life. what’s up with yours?


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

5 thoughts on “change is good.”

  1. Change is good…sometimes. Sometimes it is just a pain in the ass. It often is overrated.

    See, I always thought this was about you – which is why I have occasionally not responded to some things when I might have…I didn’t want to go off on a Crohns disease tangent…

    So, you want to hear form us…know what’s up with us…hmmm

    Just finished reading two Cormac McCarthy books – No Country for Old Men and The Road. I would highly recommend them if one is in the mood for some quick fiction with a really morose view of the world!

    1. morose? you are too easy on ol’ cormac. i think the road was a brilliant bit of writing. i just read “life,” by keith richards – he sure lived a weird one, and i am amazed he can remember everything.

      1. Well my son and I had a lengthy discussion about The Road. He had told me it had a happier ending than No Country For Old Men. After reading it, I told him I thought that the “happy ending” was decieving – because there was still no apparent hope for anyone long term. It was just putting off the inevitable.

        But I agree – it was a fantastic book. A very quick, easy read – and yet there is so much in it that one can pnder, discuss, debate.

        Keith Richards book sounds interesting – but I hesitate. I tried to read the bio of Warren Zevon, and couldn’t get into it. Not sure Keith would be much easier to get into.

        I just started Richard Dawkins most recent book – The Greatest Show on Earth.

  2. Change is good, but I like bills too. I remember waaay back in the olden days when you used to put lots of photos up. I really liked that because you always took such good pics.

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