you don’t miss your water…

…or in this case, your stair lift. mine, which i thought i was fully appreciating, went on the fritz a few days ago, and while my intrepid handy-man john is working on it, it needs a part which won’t be here until friday. (though with ALL THIS FREAKIN SNOW who knows. it might be another month.)

the point is, i realize i was not fully appreciative of the value of this piece of equipment until it was no longer available. i’ve had to move my daily base of operations to the downstairs dining room table, and be very conscious of what i need to bring from way upstairs to way downstairs so as to minimize the climbs, akin to mt. everest, up and down the stairs – literally a hands and knees operation, and exhausting. going up for a nap? i gotta really be dropping to justify that climb. otherwise, for the most part, if something i want is upstairs, and i am down,  that’s where it stays until i absolutely have to go up for another reason  – like to go to bed at night.

my d.w. and i went out to a show the other night (neko case – if she comes to your town, don’t miss her!) and made use of my motorized wheelchair out on the sidewaks. (passed one man who called out, “good luck with that on wednesday!”) were it not for that durable medical good, the night would have  been quite a bit more challenging, and i would never have felt even a modicum of the independance i felt getting myself from the parking spot to the club,  through the club to my seat, and back again.

(shout out to my d.w. alison for taking a gamble on the tix for a performer neither of us knew much about, and for springing for the VIP seating. alison, you’ve done it again.)

and i feel bad that i am unable to be out in the snow (yes, believe it or not i would love to be out in it) with a camera to better document this historic snowfall. i dimly remember strapping on snowshoes and forging a trail, and photographing how astonishingly beautiful it is out there. without even taking the first strep, i know it would be v.b.i. (very bad idea) to make any such attempt. maybe i need tank treads on my wheelchair…

how’s the snow where you are?


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