i have always been a believer in the power of prayer, but this weekend – february 16th, to be exact – is a time that serves to remind me of just how powerful prayer – or positive energy, or good thoughts, or whatever you want to call them – can be. 11 years ago on that date, the family of a young girl in boston managed to find the strength and courage to donate the organs of their daughter who had just that moment passed away, and give the gift of life not only to my daughter but to several other children. i am certain, were it not for the prayers that came into our family in the months preceding that date, and in the years since then, that we would not have survived the ordeal as intact as we are.

we had messages from all over the country – from friends of friends, from the parents of friends of friends, from people we had never met and will never meet – all wishing the best for robin. a friend in texas whom i had not seen or spoken to in years let me know that she had “gotten the prayer train rolling,” in robin’s name. there was love pouring into us from all over, from friends right here in town and friends in places i can’t even remember. love that we could feel and lean on, love that no doubt helped us through.

so on february 16, we pause to give thanks, though any thanks we can offer seem so small in comparison to what was given to us, to the literally hundreds of people who supported us through that difficult time.

and we give special thanks to the family of that little girl who gave so generously so that robin could live. i can’t imagine being faced with that decision in a moment such as that. but i can only offer my deepest and most humble thanks for the gift that we were given.

last but not least, we pause to offer prayers of our own to everyone waiting for a gift of life, and prayers for strength to those in a position to offer it. and i ask that all of you who are able to put that little sticker on your driver’s license designating yourself as an organ donor, and to ask you to let your loved ones know of your decision. it is truly a miracle.


One thought on “rebirthday

  1. Dear Harris family — Many thanks to God for the life of your dear Robin. And may God bless the donor family, they are very special people. xxoo joyce

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