steez in a chair?

steez: style with ease, also one’s over-all style of being, as in “steezy,” as in the dude (from the big lebowski) who had mad steez. this is one of the many benefits of having hip youngsters occasionally in my home, bringing their steez with them (and explaining what the heck they are talking about.)

now, i don’t profess to really having steez. i just don’t think that most people my age have steez that anyone would ever want to jock (“jocking” someone’s steez means to copy or steal someone’s style – very uncool.) my steez is more or less a steez-less steez. maybe sort of a zen thing. anyway.

i am never more aware of my lack of steez than when i see a picture of myself in my wheelchair. actually, pretty much any picture of myself sitting, or any picture that includes any part of me below the neck. i don’t think the egg-shaped look is much in vogue these days. no one is going to accuse me of having mad steez.

but somehow the wheelchair seems to be very effective steez-removal device. i have no doubt that there are those out there who can maintain the steez while wheelin’. artie from “glee” manages steez in a chair.granted, he’s an able-bodied actor playing a character in a chair, and has costume and steez consultants to make him look as hip as a geek in a wheelchair can look. his steez is carefully created, so maybe it doesn’t count. but it is an example of how one can carry steez in a chair. i’m just not one of them. and i’d really rather not look at pictures of myself in that position.

now, maybe if i had a steezy chair….


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

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