when i was a little kid, i spent a great deal of time at my grandmother’s house. she lived next to fairly active rail line – all freight trains – and i remember what a thrill it was when the train would pass by, and we would give and receive waves from the train drivers. in an otherwise empty lot next to the house was an abandoned station, from when passenger trains used the tracks. it was big fun to find ways to sneak in and poke thru the mess inside – scattered papers, upended furniture, other refuse. never anything terribly interesting, but there was a certain spookiness and the thrill of trespassing that held great allure.

now, as an adult, i find photographs of abandoned places very intriguing. maybe it’s because these places are usually so broken down and forgotten, and sometimes i feel like that too. maybe it’s because i don’t know of any places like this where i live (how do these people FIND these places?), maybe it’s that same thrill of trespassing in spooky places. who were the people who used to use these spaces, and why did they leave them, apparently, so abruptly?

who knows. here is a link to a lot of such images. i know where i’ll be spending my time this morning….

whatever the reason, i could look at these pictures forever, and would love to find places like these to investigate.


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