the access park, and little people

a little tid-bit i discovered during my recent trip to florida, and remembered to use when i was at acadia national park recently – the national park access pass. any american citizen with a permanant disability can get one – i got mine on the suggestion of a park ranger at a park in st. augustine.

Acess Pass

the pass is valid to get you and everyone in your car into any national park for free, and does not expire. next time you visit a natioal recreation site, see if you can pick one up, or get it online. such a deal!

this is probably not even worth mentioning, but i have struggled to find a way to keep at least feeling like a photographer, even though my chances to get out and about in the world are limited. i tried my hand at still life, with very limited success. but i hit on the idea (i’ve seen it done before, so the idea is not original to me) of using little model railroad people in odd or created scenes around the house. then, yesterday, it struck me that i’d like to do this using little handicapped people – little crips, if you will. i spent at least an hour at a few sites yesterday, going through the hundreds of types of people – not one of whom was in a wheelchair, or on crutches, or using a cane. they make homeless people, naked people, people mooning, but no wheelchairs. strange? maybe it’s good that model railroaders have no use for little handicapped people in their worlds, but i thought it odd that there wasn’t a single one. i’ll keep looking.


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

One thought on “the access park, and little people”

  1. Your posts from earlier years show you to be a good photographer. Perhaps you can create little canes for your little people with toothpicks and such. The only trains that seem to be able to readibly be able to accomodate wheelchairs are underground subway cars. All other trains I have been on require me to climb stairs.

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