what was i talking about?

i just got a little note on facebook from my former (i almost said “old,”) boss at my last job, saying that they miss me there. whether true or not, it was nice to hear that i at least have not been forgotten out there in the working world. and i have to say that there are days when i think, “there’s no reason why i can’t work. why did i ever leave?”

and then there are days when i find myself staring out the window, and can’t remember how long i’ve been sitting here. not to mention those occasional two-nap days, or days where i almost wipe out with my walker (i think i probably come close to falling in one way or another every day. thankfully, i don’t fall for real very often.). or days (all too often) where i go into the kitchen, or sit down at the computer, and can’t for the life of me remember why. i can’t type a sentence without hitting as many wrong keys as right keys, spending more time going back to correct typos than it takes to write the sentence in the first place – not good for a customer service person, entering phone orders into a computer. days when, after ten minutes of typing my fingers start acting like cooked asparagus, and i can’t hardly hold a pen, much less write legibly.

i have a good friend, also out of work due to disability, who told me while ago that it was best to leave work before you have to, so you can leave on your own terms. thanks for the advice, jocelyn. i know that by now, if i’d’a stayed, they’d’a “asked” me to leave. or just changed the locks on the door.


Author: Stephen

Stephen Harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in Maine.

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