The longer I put off writing this, the deeper the pile of notes gets on my desk. So I will try to distill down some of what I’ve been collecting, for all those of you who have been drooling for my latest missive.

I noticed several items from various news sources about some new finding (from Sweden, of all places) that there is a link in young people, before the age of 20, between working the night shift, and developing MS later in life. The researchers suggest that disrupting a person’s circadian rhythm, or daily rhythmic activity cycle, along with sleep loss could play a role in the development of MS. The report I read didn’t suggest why the disruption of sleep patterns increased one’s risk of MS, as opposed to a risk to health in general. I guess it just serves as further proof that MS is a freakin’ weird disease.

And maybe you’ve seen this: Spencer Tunick is a photographer who photographs nudes in public places, most notably large numbers of nude models, assembled them in public places. I have always thought it was an interesting concept, and was particularly pleased to stumble across one shot in Mexico that included, amid the 18,000 people (the largest group ever?) quite prominently, a model in a wheelchair.

I have long wondered why we don’t see more people in wheelchairs in everyday scenes in TV shows and advertising. When there is a panning street scene in CSI, why do we never see anyone in a wheelchair? So I was very happy to see this:

   I also want to apologize to my fellow bloggers for not being an active participant in the community. I so rarely wander the blog-o-sphere, not even visiting those I have added to my “favorites” list. But when I do, I am almost always amazed at the things I learn. A special shout-out today to two faves, the wheelchair kamikaze and brokenclay. I so truly appreciate these people, and so many others, who have blogs and actually write in them. It’s not like I don’t have all the time in the world – I’m just lazy, I guess.

And lastly, I put my name in the email list of several local theater companies, offering my questionable acting ability in the eventuality that they need someone in a wheelchair. Not holding my breath, but maybe, at least, I will have raised a little consciousness that there is no reason not to see a wheelchair on stage.

So, bloggers, please keep blogging, keep inspiring and informing me. And I will promise, once again, to do better at it myself.


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

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