settin’ the stage

OK, to clean up unfinished business from 2011 and to set myself up for 2012:

  • i got my freaky looking leg orthotics. they look a little like artificial feet when they stand in the corner sans shoes. my DW took me out shoe shopping, to find something not too geeky that would accommodate the orthotics and my big huge feet. we found something (i NEVER thought i’d be wearing boat shoes, but my hip daughter turned down my offer to allow her to make fun of them so i guess they are not too bad), but after wearing them a little, they hurt my feet. so i ordered a few pairs from zappos – abusing their offer of free shipping both ways. hopefully one will feel good and not look too horrid, and i can send the other two pairs back. despite my misgivings, they really do help, and i am looking forward to finding shoes that fit them.
  • my test of the injected baclofen didn’t go exactly as planned – what we had been led to believe (and hoped) would be a day in the hospital turned into an overnight, with a few attendant unpleasantries that i won’t go into (can you say “straight cath?”), i think i would call the test successful and, while i don’t think i am going to get the pump, i did learn several things that i would never have known otherwise. like, i had no idea there was so little strength in my legs, that i was relying so much on spasticity and rigidity to keep my legs from crumpling. i will freely admit to the fact that part of my reluctance to getting this thing is the whole idea of surgery and having to spend a week in a rehab hospital bed getting the dosage adjusted – not a pleasant prospect. and in the face of a possible trip to florida in march, and another to switzerland in july, i think it prudent to wait until after all that to delve into getting any implants. maybe that’s just rationalizing, but i’m sticking with it.
  • i’m hoping that the deal biogen idec has with the patriots ($100 to the national MS society for every completed pass) will continue into the post-season.
  • a little cross-polinization, i am endeavouring to post a new image every day to my photoblog, captured light. they might not all be brilliant ( i am limited by the fact that i am, for the most part, housebound), but i hope you will at least take a look and maybe even subscribe.
  • and hoping that 2012 brings each and every one of you lots of wonderful surprises and wishes come true. i hope to hear from all of you (or at least some of you…) in this brand new year.

Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

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