how to avoid falling

while perusing one of my favorite publications, the fabulous harriet carter catalog, i found this:

as soon as i saw it, i knew that i needed to have it in my collection of “how not to” books. (chief among them, “how not to die,” which comes in handy every day.) who knew that not falling was a learnable skill! why this wisdom was not an integral part of my early education, and is not offered in the curriculum of my local community enrichment programs, i do not understand. this volume (slim, i’m sure) ought to be in very doctor’s waiting room collection, and should be included in the info packet given to every newly diagnosed multiple sclerosis or lupis patient. i will admit that i have not read it (and to be truthful, most likely will not.), but just knowing that, should the skill to not fall down abandons me (highly likely), i can regain that knowledge with the purchase and reading of this little book. a google search located it on amazon, (along with “how to avoid huge ships.“and i have no doubt that it is available from other outlets. or at least it should be.


Author: Stephen

Stephen Harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in Maine.

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