Here I am Again!

 As promised, (or threatened!) I’m back, with more to blather on about. I’ve done little bit of remodeling, and added a few features. But this is like my personal journal, in that when I leave it alone for such a long time, there is just too much to try to catch up on. So I will just start from where I am right now.

I have enjoyed the luxury of having at my disposal a driver to take me to various medical appointments. She was a very nice woman, and over the course of our relationship, I think we got to know each other pretty well. And while I am happy for her that she landed herself a full-time job, I’m sorry to see her go, and now must renew my search for a driver. Ads on Craigslist, postings to all of my local peeps on Facebook, and inquiries to every local agency I can find that offer transportation assistance to the disabled. Nothing so far.

The few local agencies that I have found only offer their services to the elderly (60 years old and older) and or the impoverished. Unfortunately (?) I am neither old enough nor poor enough to qualify for their services. And where I live is far from any public transportation. I’ve been in touch with a few local colleges, and my local high school, hoping to find a student with a little bit of free time, the need for a little bit of money, and an interest in public service. It’s only been a few days, but nothing so far.

I have never felt so acutely this sense of isolation. I live in a beautiful home surrounded by a small patch of beautiful forest. We see families of deer, wild turkeys, hawks and owls, and are serenaded by myriad bird calls. I feel like I am living in a tiny Eden, which would be difficult to leave. But, as I say, it is very isolating. I really can’t go anywhere without someone to drive me to and from.

There is a move, at some point in our not-too-distant future, which will take us more than likely into the city of Portland, or South Portland, both of which will greatly increase my mobility. If and when such a move occurs, I will have access to Metro buses, all of which are wheelchair accessible, and can take me all over town. But that won’t occur until a nebulous future, and in the meantime I remain isolated in my hilltop forest. If I was smarter, I would figure out a way to create an agency that could offer assistance to other non-drivers like myself. God knows I have plenty of time for such an endeavor.

If any of you have faced and/or solved a similar problem, I would love to hear what you’ve come up with. I’m kind of stumped, myself


2 thoughts on “Here I am Again!

  1. I also lived, in a place much like you have, I still miss it a lot. Being stuck with no way to go anywhere for me was okay. With my ability to work gone that also ended my health care. Moving to the city was a must after one visit to the E.R. without insurance. At first it was so hard the air smelled bad, feelings of being so closed in. Then I had to go to the E.R. again but this time it was to V.A. Hospital having served in the Army for many years, I had to pay only co-pays. After that I didn’t mind living in the city as much. Do hope you can find someone soon, sorry I’m not much help. Mary

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