Meet The Superhumans!

Just when you thought you had enough Olympic activity, here come the Paralympic games! The opening ceremonies are tonight, August 29, from London. And while we Americans got a brief, if controversial, taste of what a paralympian can do in watching Oscar Pistorius’s performance on his “blades,” that’s going to be about all we’re going to get on our side of the pond.

NBC, who ran non-stop, wall-to-wall coverage, complete with endless and often inane commentary, of the 2012 Olympic Games, will only broadcast a 90-minute roundup of the London Paralympic Games on September 16 – a week after the games close. (You can follow the games on the Team USA website and on FaceBook.)

While the Brits post, “Thanks for the warm-up,” messages, American’s will hardly notice these Paralympic games – which have already sold more than 2.5 million tickets, and are expected to be a record-setting sell-out. Here in the States, blink, and you’ll miss it.

Granted, the opening ceremonies are competing with the opening of the Republican National Convention (and who wants to miss Ann Romney’s speech?), the games do run for 11 days. And while there will be no bikini-clad beach volleyballers, or divers, swimmers and gymnasts in tiny, skin-tight spangly leotards, there will be athletes “like nothing anyone has ever seen.”  While the rest of the world is every bit as excited about the Paralympics as they were about the Olympics, Americans apparently are not.

And that is a shame.


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