I’m not bound!

Just a quick hit here. I set up a ” Google Alert,” to send me a daily digest of certain key topics that appear in the news and elsewhere online, one of which is “wheelchairs.” It seems that majority of the headlines I see mention people who are “wheelchair-bound.” I think it is way past time to obliterate this expression from our vocabulary. I’ve never heard of anyone being bound to a wheelchair. Most people in wheelchairs do not need to be bound, tied, strapped or otherwise restrained to their chairs – in fact, I would venture to say that the vast majority of them would be overjoyed at the prospect of not being in a wheelchair at all.

I pledge right now to, whenever I see the expression “wheelchair-bound,” to respond whenever possible to the source – newspaper, magazine, blog-post, whatever – to correct the mistaken notion that any wheelchair user is “bound,” to their chair. Join me, dear reader, and let’s set the record straight.


3 thoughts on “I’m not bound!

  1. As I c it, I am bound to my chair. I’m bound to it by the means of my MS. I would like to walk, but this MS thingy doesn’t allow that to occur.

    1. I was looking at the word “bound” as in limited, confined by bonds. Makes me think of being held there by some outside force, as if someone has tied me in. While I certainly know the feeling that MS restrains me, the word “bound,” brings to mind ropes and such, as if to say that someone “wheelchair-bound,” has been tied into the chair, as if someone tied me in to restrain me. I prefer to think that, while MS, etc., certainly makes it difficult to one degree or another, to get out of my chair, I can still make the choice to get up – by one means or another. Being bound, for me, implies that I have no choice.

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