A new kind of farmer’s market

Deidre Finley owns a small spread not far from Tacoma, Washington. Not huge, just 11 acres, with a nursery where she had planned to pursue a business in ornamental plants. But as the local economy changed, the market for such luxuries dried up. Finley looked into several other means to make her living from the land, including a doggy day care and simply renting out the property. But nothing worked out to allow her to stay on her acreage.

She settled finally on her Plan B – a medical marijuana farm. After extensive research, both of farming techniques and legal matters, MMJ Universe was born. Working closely with other growers and vendors in the area, most notably Kind Alternative Medical Co. Finley finds herself operating a lively and thriving medical marijuana farmer’s market. Amidst the greenhouse and garden, live music plays while customers – granted access only after careful scrutiny of their paperwork and identification – can shop for “produce,” gifts, and other products that they need. Says Finley,  “It’s a win-win to find something where you can help people. It’s so heartwarming to see people come in with braces and canes and walkers and just find relief.”

Read more about MMJ Universe, at Enumclaw Patch.


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