Jamboxx lets us all join in

For many people with progressive disabilities, playing a musical instrument might be a thing of the past. As hands lose strength and small-muscle coordination fades, playing a guitar or piano becomes increasingly difficult, and often, eventually, impossible. For others, being able to manipulate a musical instrument was never possible.

Along comes Jamboxx, a small, easily portable, plug-and-play midi controller that is operated by the breath. Looking and operating something like a harmonica, the Jamboxx controller allows anyone to easily enter the unlimited world of music. Initially conceived to allow people without the use of their hands to play digital musical instruments, it can be used by anyone regardless of ability, age, or musical skill. Simply plug the device into your computer, and you’re ready to go. It can be used in the recording studio, in live performance, as an educational tool, even as a game controller or computer mouse. The possibilities are limitless.

Jamboxx is currently seeking funding through kickstarter.com. You can visit their page to make a contribution to help make this amazing advance in musical creation a reality.


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