Redefining “disabled.”

  • Hey, if you’re going to be in a wheelchair, why not have fun? This construction looks a little shaky, but brings mad steeze. I probably have enough Legos in my basement to make something like this.
  • Out of work? This guy found a great use of his time, helping his local police keep an eye out for handicap violators. He cruises the parking lots in his wheelchair, tagging poachers. I loved this line: “At 62 he is one of the youngest volunteers.” And he’s got a great ‘tude. “I would pay the city of Phoenix to be allowed to do this,” he said. The poachers should be thanking him for his vigilance – tickets for illegally parking in handicap spaces can cost hundreds of $$.
  • And don’t mess with Raleigh Chambers. A neighbor called him for help when her daughter, home alone, was threatened by  prowler. Chambers, good citizen that he is, “sped” over in his power chair and chased the intruder off.  Disabled? I don’t think so.

Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

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