So that happened…

A funny commentary on where I live: I can’t get a pizza delivered to my house, but I can get marijuana right to my door. I got a refill yesterday, and slept better last night than I have in a long time. My Caregiver is going to make me up a sample of a tincture, which he says delivers all the muscle relaxing benefit of marijuana without messing up my head. It might seem strange to ingest marijuana without wanting get high, but my head is messed up enough on it’s own.

And so this happened. I got up on Monday to find a numbness in my right hand, localized in my forefinger and thumb. It persisted all morning, and then was gone. Yesterday, there was a strange sort of moiré pattern in the left side of my vision. Not in one eye or the other, and I still saw it when I closed my eyes. It slowly got worse, and I thought here comes another bout of optic neuritis. But then it was gone mid-morning. This morning, when I got up, it felt like my left foot was asleep – numb and tingly. Here at 10am, it is just starting to fade. So, that happened.

I guess I need to call my neuro. We’ve all agreed that I have been in Secondary Progressive for years, but I have not had any new symptoms for a long time. So to have these three distinctly different things – separated in time and space – has me a little concerned. Isn’t MS fun? Keeps you guessing!

I also signed up the other day for Medicare, switching from private insurance to a Part C, HMO style Medicare plan. I’m ready, 2014!


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

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