Wheelchair Follies

I guess it’s true that you learn something new every day. I thought it would be relatively easy to acquire a new wheelchair. What was I thinking?

160743The chair I drive now is a Karma S-Ergo 125, which I bought sight unseen from some internet store.
It’s been a faithful companion, coming with me to Florida, New York, and as far as Montreux, Switzerland. But it drives like a tank, little better than one of those big black hospital transport chairs. So I decided it was time for a new one. To an able-body, this might sound a little odd, but I have been lusting after a RoughRider, rr_3_cornerwhich will not be available until maybe July. Not wanting to miss the first half of the spring/summer (which can be all too short here in Maine), I decided I’d pick up another chair at my local wheelchair store, Black Bear Medical. How hard can it be – roll in, hand over my insurance card, and roll out. Not so fast. The one Black Bear had to offer (the Ki Catalyst 5) needed to be custom ordered to “contour to my contours,” and would likely not be ready for a few weeks.Ki-Mobility-Catalyst-5_large I had really wanted a new chair for my annual trip to Florida (next week!), but as it turns out, I’ll be hauling my ass around in my old warhorse. I will rent some sort of scooter while I am there, but I was so set on a new chair – it is disappointing to find it just out of my reach.

And then, just to torture myself further, I went into my folder of saved links to groovy and/or innovative wheelchairs I’ve found over the years. I never would have guessed that I’d ever look at a wheelchair and think, “That is SO cool!” But, herewith, a gallery. (Click on the images to learn more.)

whilltypea 45deg Boma G_1g
modelli AIRPTMBDY18_400 aeroxfixed

These are likely NOT acceptable to Medicare, and with their price tags, I doubt any of them will live in my garage. But if I have to be in a wheelchair, at least I can dream.


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

One thought on “Wheelchair Follies”

  1. I’m currently rolling around in a manual wheelchair manufactured by Colours, it was modified for me but I think it either looks like the Shockblade or is the Shockblade. I ordered some custom wheels for it from Y360. Other then the footrest having a shity support to it and the the fact that I need to order new tires for the front, it has treated me well over the past two or three years, and only cost me $2000 some dollars that I didn’t have to pay more then $230 for.

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