Dr. Wahls, you blow my mind!

In 2003, I was given a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. At that time, and ever since then, everyone I’ve talked to and everything I’ve read online and in books told me that the best I could expect was medication which would hopefully slow the progression of the disease. My first neurologist was very honest in telling me that there was no way to know if the medications were actually doing me any good. He said that if I did not get any worse, it was not necessarily because of the meds. It might just be the natural course of the disease, a course it might have followed with or without medication. He and I talked about whether dietary changes would have any effect, specifically The Swank Diet (which he was dubious about). His reply was, and this is almost a direct quote, that I could eat anything I wanted, any kind of diet I wanted, but he didn’t think there was really any “healing” from MS to be had from dietary changes, or down any other avenue. Essentially, MS was irreversible.

A few years ago, I was turned onto a TEDx video from Dr. Terry Wahls. She was diagnosed with MS a few years before I was. Her disease progressed quite a bit faster than mine did, and it wasn’t long before she found herself in a reclining power chair, essentially unable to move. When she began researching treatment options, she was unsatisfied with what she found in the existing scientific and medical literature. She started looking deeper, eventually winding up at the Institute for Functional Medicine. To make a long story very short, what she found there led her to create The Wahls Protocol, a diet designed to restore health at a cellular level. I am about halfway through her book (you can order the book, or a Kindle version, from Amazon), and I have just begun dipping my toes into the diet she describes. At this point I have strong hopes that eating this way will, if not reverse the progression of MS in my body, at the very least improve my health. I recommend that everybody watch Dr. Wahls’ TEDx video.

I am far from an expert in any of this, but her video and book are the first things that I’ve come across anywhere that suggest the possibility of healing from the ravages of an autoimmune system out of whack. I will post more here as I progress further into the book and the diet.

While not specifically about MS (imagine that!), I found this brief article very inspiring, and maybe you will too. “Three Questions that will Free Your Mind and Turn Your Life Around.” Never mind the grandiose claim, it’s some meaty stuff.

This is specific to MS. I posted it to my FaceBook page, though I don’t know if anyone read it. Posting it here it is preaching to the choir, but please pass it along, and maybe it will find it’s way to the right people. “What do you want people to know about MS?” I find Multiple Sclerosis.net to be a valuable resource. Their weekly emails always offer me food for thought.

I smell hints of spring in the air, and daily watch the glacier recede from my driveway. Hope springs eternal!


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