Regain your independence!

A couple of new products.
showlet-toiletThe Wet Room System is a great concept that solves multiple issues, and can bring independence and safety back to the bathroom. Should become the standard for hotels, the gym, etc. My next house.

gt_tankchair24__02__315The Tankchair is not really a new idea, I’ve seen these sorts of things online here and there, mostly posted as an oddity. But the guy who makes these is an inspiration, and the chair, if it can still be called that, is so way cool. My house is surrounded by a little forest that was my favorite place to wander. I have not been able to get out there in years. This vehicle would make it possible. (Were it not for the price tag, and I seriously doubt Medicare will pay for it.) My local downtown is Portland, Maine, which is a city on a hill, and difficult at best to navigate in a wheelchair – with a manual chair, darn near impossible, and only the heavy-duty power chairs can handle this hills. I could probably drive this all the way from my house into Portland and back.


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

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