Getting around.

Not, of course, as yet available in the US, and if it were, I would be willing to bet that Medicare wouldn’t give it the time of day, but I still want one. The Firely, by Rollick. They also make a handcycle attachement, and lever drive system that I also covet. Checkout the video:

Cool, eh? I’ll have to look into what is required to become an importer!

One of my new favorite songs. These Playing for Change videos never fail, for some reason, to choke me up. Best part: the little girl dancing at about 6:15.

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Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

3 thoughts on “Getting around.”

  1. I’m having a terrible time trying to comment but I’ll try again. This is the Rio Mobility Firefly, which is absolutely available in the US (but not through Rollick, which is not the manufacturer, only the European distributor). You can find it on Amazon and through a number of other retailers:

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