I Was Here

One section from the deeply moving When I Walk, a film made by a film-maker who was diagnosed with primary progressive MS, the most devastating kind, was his wife talking about her reasons for helping to finish the film. She said it was largely so that his children and grandchildren could see him before he was so completely disabled, so they would know what a cool guy he was. It made me so glad that my kids and I got to know each other before MS robbed me of so much. I’m so glad we got to climb mountains together, walk in the woods, play silly games in the back yard, wander in New Orleans and Disney, that I got to teach them to drive, participate in their field days and field trips, and just share life without the intrusion of disability and uncertainty hanging over us. Or least hanging over me.

As my disability increases by inches, I am very thankful that we got to share so much of our lives together when we could still be active together.


2 thoughts on “I Was Here

  1. Robin and Benzo are so lucky to have such an awesome dad and Alison is lucky to have a great husband too. Your blog always inspires me across the pond x

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