Ready to do A Science

The Littles #9
The Littles #9

I put my name on a list somewhere that supposedly will alert me to upcoming medication and therapy test trials that I might qualify for. So far, I don’t think I’ve gotten any. I’m very open to putting myself out there (as long as it’s not too far out there) as a guinea pig if it will help advance treatment options, if not for me then for others coming up behind me on similar paths. That’s just how I roll.

One study I am particularly excited about – and one I can participate in from my own comfy chair – is the study of the effect of flavinoids on multiple sclerosis. While there are on-going controlled studies being done on flavinoids, it is possible to contribute to the research entirely on my own. All I’d need is a small journal to track the effects of the application of flavinoids, and a good supply of high quality dark chocolate. Very dark. 70% cocoa.

No, really! It’s science! Flavinoids, which are found in many foods, are known to reduce inflammation. Dark chocolate with 70 percent of cocoa is an excellent source of flavonoids. It is thought that flavinoids can help reduce the effects of fatigue in MS. Dr. Shelly Coe, leading one such study in the UK, said they have presented the idea of the trial to people in MS support groups. “They’ve really liked it,” she added.

What’s not to like? I am very willing to put myself on the line in the name of scientific research. It’d be a tremendous sacrifice, but I think well worth the risk.  I’m ready with my comfy chair and hot chocky mug and spiral notebook, ready to take delivery of my first shipment of medical-grade dark chocolate. Maybe, with my selfless contribution, Brazilian Dark will find a place in marijuana dispensaries everywhere. 


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

7 thoughts on “Ready to do A Science”

    1. i used to keep a jar of “golden milk” in the fridge, but somehow got out of the habit. dark chocolate is much more appealing. i bet you have access to some good stuff down there in mexico way!

  1. Great article! Keep up the good work. My favourite supermarket chocolate is Lindt 70%. My favourite chocolate is Haighs, an Australian company that only sells through far off boutique stores. Good for my waistline but bad for my spirits. 😢

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