While many people my age – I am hopeful that 57 can still be considered mid-life- might be lusting after sports cars, I find I am drooling over cool and sporty and high-tech, and, ultimately expensive, wheelchairs. Pitiful? Maybe, but I fantasize about wheeling around in a groovy whip.

I’ve been following The Ogo as it has progressed from fantasy to Indegogo. I’m glad to see it is still around and, due to the foresight of its inventor, might actually become an affordable option.

More realistically, I have been eyeing the SmartDrive for a while. I recently sat down with my physiatrist to talk wheelchairs, and was surprised that he and a physical therapist agreed that it was a good option. I’m waiting now to see if Medicare agrees.

And just the other day, I stumbled over the Tiga FX. A reimagined folding wheelchair – how smart is this, folds like a lawn chair, allowing for a rigid frame while fitting in a suitcase (wheels travel separately).

There’s plenty more. Off-road chairs, power chairs, adaptations up the wazoo. As I said, this is my mid-life fantasy list. Porsche roadster? How about The Kenguru? Even better, a Porsche-Kenguru mashup. I’ll be hanging my head out the widow and definitely NOT acting my age.

Tell me about your perfect ride.



Author: Stephen

Stephen Harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in Maine.

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