Author: Stephen

Stephen Harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in Maine.

3 thoughts on “”

  1. I’m confused. I just tried to reply to you on my About Me page but it wouldn’t (it being my email app) recognise me! Now here I am in the same app, writing this comment with no issues. Why do I find this all so confusing. Is it just me? Ugh. 😑

    I love this quote. Now I need to find out who Rupi Kaur is. . . if I remember! 😁

    1. Technology often confuses me too. I just read a story abut how the newest voice tech, Siri et al, are confusing to older people who have not adopted modern speech patterns. No idea who Rupi Kaur is, I stumbled on the meme and loved the sentiment.

      1. Best reason to choose a quote. There are so many falsely attributed ones out there that barely resemble cognitive thought, let alone the writings/sayings of the person named. They get spread around solely on the basis that Mr or Mrs So-And-So Famous said it. 🙄

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